Unique Design Based on Enchanted Sagas

Inspired by the enchanted ancient sagas, Soldiser creates unique silk scarves and pocket squares dedicated to the Norse legends

Norse mythology sagas legends

Soldiser is a brand that represents the North in design, symbolism, and quality but most importantly through the Norse legends accompanying our designs. What began as a wish to conceptualize and promote the forgotten Norse heroines has developed into a unique design concept.

The Soldiser design process always begins with the authentic poems and sagas dating back to the Viking Age. Every design is dedicated, first and foremost, to a Norse goddess. The primary source inspiration is the Poetic Edda, the modern attribution for the unnamed collection of Old Norse anonymous poems dating back at least a thousand years. After extensive research, using different historical sources, we write our Soldiser versions about the Norse goddesses and gods, with a modern twist but always true to the essence of the authentic sources.

Norse mythology sagas legends

Once the story is written the pattern design process begins. This part of the process involves researching authentic landmarks and rune stones associated with the main characters in the story. For example, the runestone depicted in the Thrud & Thor design is the Karlevi stone, located on the island Öland, and dated to the late 10th century. The inscription mentions a chieftain having ‘done the deeds of the battle goddess Thrud’ in the context of having been a faithful and great leader.

All the illustrated details in our designs, such as jewelry, clothing, and weapons are drawn based on actual archaeological findings from the Viking Age. We have the privilege of working with several talented illustrators and digital artists, and each of them brings their unique touch to the design.  

Apart from the many goddesses and gods, the old sagas often mention plants and animals with supernatural powers, as well as women and men receiving guidance and protection from deities showing themselves in animal shape. For this reason, every Soldiser design includes several plants and animals, most of which are listed as endangered in the Nordic countries. We are proud of our effort to raise awareness about endangered species in the Nordic counties and pay tribute to the beautiful nature of the North.

Nature of the north

The Soldiser material & design

In the high and far-off times of the ancient Byzantine Empire, the European Early Middle Ages and the Abbasid Caliphate, silk was a symbol of the divine power of the ruling elite. This was also the case in Viking Age Scandinavia - silk was a status marker and a symbol of strengthened authority.

To honor this tradition, Soldiser works exclusively with the most experienced Italian manufacturers recognized for their immaculate sense of detail. All Soldiser items are made from 100 % of the finest 14-momme silk. The hems on all designs are hand rolled, resulting in a unique finishing edge, found only on the most luxurious and well-made pocket squares and silk scarves.

In ancient Scandinavia, the pattern on a silk fabric often conveyed a mythical story, just as each Soldiser design does today. People even believed that woven patterns were a magical way to manipulate the future and impact the turnout of major endeavors. There might still be some truth to this old wisdom, the only way to find out is by selecting your favorite Soldiser legend and wear it on your next adventure.

Always limited edition, personalized & gift-wrapped

You share your most important stories with the people that matter the most to you. We are proud of our mission to revive the Norse legends, and we are thrilled about sharing them with you because stories don’t survive unless someone wants to listen. Therefore, we care about personalizing your purchase.

Soldiser Gift Wrapped

Your design arrives elegantly wrapped, in our signature gift box, topped with a satin ribbon - ideal for gifting. A numbered authenticity card will be included for you to personalize, or if you prefer, we can personalize it for you with a handwritten message.

If you would like to include a handwritten message with your order, we are happy to oblige. Let us know what you would like for us to write on your gift card by sending us a message on our contact page. First, place your order and then write your message on in the contact form on this page (insert link). Kindly note that your name and email should correspond to the contact details given when you placed your order and begin your message with the words “Gift note message.”