A Great Adventure

I have always been fascinated by stories, particularly the Norse sagas. My love for storytelling, the powerful Norse legends and the values preserved in these stories, are what constitutes the foundation of Soldiser.

Many of these stories have been forgotten or misconstrued, and especially the powerful Norse goddesses have been shunned for centuries. The Norse heroines were simply too brave, too fierce and too independent for the society that formed in the millennium following the end of the Viking Age. But, their stories are magical and deserve to be told.

In 2016, exactly 950 years after what most consider being the end of the Viking Age, I founded Soldiser. Inspired by the enchanted ancient sagas, Soldiser creates unique silver jewelry, silk scarves and pocket squares dedicated to the Norse legends - creating the ultimate tribute to the myths and heroines of the North.

I am thrilled to have designed my own silver jewelry line, as well as  launched my collection of silk scarves and pocket squares, each accompanied by its own uniquely written story. In my opinion, there is no greater joy than to listen to or share, a great story and that is why I thoroughly enjoy bringing the forgotten stories about the Norse goddesses to the world.  

Soldiser Founder Åsa Trulsson

Åsa Trulsson
Founder of Soldiser, designer and Norse mythology enthusiast

Heritage meets modernity

My jewelry collection is a tribute to the North and its history. Every collection is inspired by a Norse goddess, the ancient Viking Age poems and our magical nature. I hope you will discover a piece of the North among my designs.


Wear your story

The Soldiser pocket squares are pocket art telling a legendary story. Find your favorite!