Soldiser ♥ Sustainability

Soldiser Sustainability Butterfly

Soldiser creates sustainable and long-lasting designs in an environmentally friendly manner. Sustainability has, from the onset, been of utmost importance. To ensure fair working conditions, the highest environmental standards and the most exceptional quality, all Soldiser designs, including the packaging, are produced in Sweden and Italy by experienced manufacturers.

The main component of the Soldiser assortment is silk. Silk consists of only natural fibers, it is entirely biodegradable and has a low environmental impact. In silk production, the silkworms are fed mulberry crops, which when grown require some use of pesticides and fertilizers. However, these crops need far fewer chemical inputs than what is used in for example cotton production. Conventional silk production also washes the fibers in chemical detergents which are a low-level pollutant if released untreated. However, silk production within the EU adhere to strict environmental regulations, and it is not allowed to discharge such detergents without treatment. All in all, the chemical processes involved in silk production, especially within the EU, have a far lower environmental impact than those in conventional cotton production or synthetics.

Every Soldiser design includes several plants and animals, most of which are listed as endangered in the Nordic countries. We are proud of our effort to raise awareness about endangered species in the Nordic counties and wish to pay tribute to the beautiful nature of the North.

Soldiser Thrud & Thor Silk Scarf