Soldiser Product care

A few helpful care tips for your new piece of jewelry

Soldiser Silver Rune Jewelry


The Soldiser jewelry collection consists exclusively of items made in sterling silver. Soldiser also offers silver jewelry with a precious metal coating in ruthenium, rose gold or 18-carat gold. 


Silver jewelry without coating tarnishes and darkens over time. This is a natural process known as oxidation. The Soldiser silver jewelry - without coating - can be gently cleaned with silver polish and a soft cloth to regain their original shine.


Coated silver jewelry require extra sensitive care as the gilding may ware off with time without proper attention. To maintain the gilding avoid all contact with water and moist and make sure to store and use the item in a manner that prevents harm and scrapes to the surface.


Useful care tips:

-   After use, gently wipe with a soft cloth

-   Avoid direct contact with water and moist, such as perfume, detergent and lotion

-   Excessive light, heat or moisture will deteriorate the coating of the gilding silver jewelry

-   Keep your jewelry stored separately from each other to avoid scratches on the surface

-   When not in use, store in a jewelry box or pouch

-   Remove your jewelry when going to bed

-   Always remove your jewelry when showering, bathing, washing your hands or similar

Silk accessories

The Soldiser silk assortment consists exclusively of items made of 100% 14-momme fine silk. Silk consists of only natural fibers; it is entirely biodegradable and has a low environmental impact. The delicate fabric, hand-rolled and hand-stitched hems make dry cleaning the preferred care option. Alternatively the scarves and pocket squares may be gently steamed using a steam iron, on the lowest temperature.