Rune Jewelry

Discover Soldiser's beautiful selection of women's rune jewelry, handcrafted in sterling silver. During the Viking Age, runes were never merely letters but every rune had a particular name and could be used in magical contexts. The meaning of the word “rune” in Old Norse is “secret” or “wisdom”. The runes were accorded great magical powers and, according to the Eddic Havamal, the runes hail from the goddess and gods. Swedish designer Åsa Trulsson continues the thousand-year-old tradition of creating women's jewelry with magical runic inscriptions in her unique selection of rune rings, rune necklaces, rune earrings, rune bracelets and rune bangles inspired by authentic Scandinavian younger Futhark runic inscriptions. Invoke the magic of these ancient symbols, and wear them for luck, protection and blessings.