Goddess Thrud Silver Necklace

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Silver Necklace Celebrating the Norse Goddess Thrud

The runes on the necklace translate to “the battle goddess Thrud's champion”,  an Old Norse kenning referring to a great chieftain. 

The Soldiser Thrud Jewelry Collection celebrates the legendary Norse battle goddess. According to the ancient sources, Thrud was the daughter of Thor, the god of thunder, lightning, winds, rains and fair weather. Too many legendary women have been erased by history. This collection is a celebration of the revival of these heroines - a true power necklace for the ultimate power woman. 

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Your design arrives elegantly wrapped, in our signature gift box, topped with a satin ribbon - ideal for gifting. 

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The rune inscription on the bracelet is from the Karlevi stone, found on Öland, in Sweden. The Karlevi stone is considered to be one of the most remarkable runestones in Sweden. It contains a poem written in drottkvät – a very special verse form, meaning 'poem to a chieftain'.

The runes on the bracelet read taiþir tulka þruþar,  which is often translated to ”the greatest chieftain”. But, the expression is an example of a so-called kenning, i.e. a figurative choice of words or figure of speech used instead of a noun. The people living in Scandinavia and Iceland over one thousand years ago were very gifted with regards to poetry. They used kennings to play around with the language and could, for example, call the sea “whale-road” and the wind “the breaker of trees”. 

The translation of the runes on the bracelet is in fact  “the battle goddess Thrud's champion” (the Swedish translation is “stridernas Truds kämpe”) - a kenning referring to a great chieftain. 

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