The power of Stories

Everything begins with a story. It has been said that myths are the “song of the universe, the music of the spheres”[1]. They are the songs we dance to even when we cannot name the tune - stories are simply everywhere we turn.

I have always had a profound love for the Norse myths. They have had me spellbound from a young age and have yet to lose their appeal. In fact, the more I study them (which I have been doing for years now) the more captivating they become. 

Voluspa, stanza 30

What fascinates me the most is that a thousand years ago, when the people in the North gathered around to share these legends, it was more than mere entertainment. Myths and stories were, and are, tools that enable us to share our common values and ideals. To me, it is their principles and their wisdom that make the Norse legends so appealing. The Norse myths portray bravery, a thirst for wisdom and adventure but also less obvious themes such as generosity and equality.

Stories captive and connect us, often more than we know. According to the cognitive psychologist Robert Schank ”humans are not ideally set up to understand logic: they are set up to understand stories”.

If you share my love for stories, if you are familiar with the Norse legends or even if you might not have read any of them before, I look forward to sharing the ancient and magical Norse legends with you – because everything begins with a story.

[1] Joseph Campbell, The Power of the Myth

Åsa Trulsson

Åsa Trulsson
Founder, designer & Norse mythology enthusiast from Skåne, Sweden.