The Diplomat Who Turned Designer

Soldiser Founder

I have always been fascinated by stories, particularly the Norse sagas. My love for storytelling, the powerful Norse legends and the values preserved in these stories, are what constitutes the foundation of Soldiser.

Many of these stories have been forgotten or misconstrued, and especially the powerful Norse goddesses have been shunned for centuries. The Norse heroines were simply too brave, too fierce and too independent for the society that formed in the millennium following the end of the Viking Age. But, their stories are magical and deserve to be told.

Exactly 950 years after what most consider being the end of the Viking Age, I founded Soldiser. Inspired by the enchanted ancient sagas, Soldiser creates unique silk scarves and pocket squares dedicated to the Norse legends - creating the ultimate tribute to the myths and heroines of the North.

I am thrilled to finally launch my very first collection of silk scarves and pocket squares, each accompanied by its own uniquely written story. In my opinion, there is no greater joy than to listen to or share, a great story and that is why I wish to bring the forgotten stories about the Norse goddesses to the world.  

 Soldiser Freya & Frey Collection

My travels & other daring events

I grew up with the Norse legends. My name ‘Åsa’ even stems from the Old Norse word áss, meaning goddess. Already at a young age, the Norse sagas were my favorite bedtime stories, especially the ones about grand adventures to different realms and other lands. So, as soon as I was able, I decided to experience different cultures and travel to new places.

I became an artic soldier and chose to do my military service at the northernmost located regiment in Sweden, Boden – a mere 110 km from the Arctic Circle. It simply had the best preconditions for the most magnificent adventure. 

I acquired a bachelor degree in political science at Lund University and decided that the Middle East fascinated me, so I obtained an additional bachelor degree in Middle Eastern studies. I studied Arabic, traveled to Russia and realized that another global player, the EU, sparked my interest. I then took a master degree in European Affairs, became captivated by China, and I, therefore, studied a summer in beautiful Hong Kong. 

At this point, I had come to realize that experiencing new and intriguing cultures was everything I had thought it would be when listening to my childhood stories. I began working abroad at different Swedish foreign missions and spent several years in foreign countries, working at Swedish Embassies in the Middle East and the Balkans, discovering the local traditions, cultures, and myths.

Åsa Founder Soldiser

I was stationed at the Embassy of Sweden in Riyadh, Baghdad, and Sarajevo. My position included managing large development projects, collaborating with international organizations, such as the World Health Organization and the United Nations, as well as cooperating with successful global companies and exciting start-ups. But, I realized that I was longing for the next adventure. 

In 2016, I followed my bliss, the love for my favorite legends, and I founded Soldiser, in tribute of the powerful Norse heroines and the inspiration they gave me to travel and experience new places. Establishing a company is my greatest adventure yet, and I love sharing these magical stories with you. I hope you will discover your favorite Norse legend among my designs and that her story will inspire you on your journey.

- Åsa Trulsson, founder