An Unconventional Startup Story

How being uncompromising & backward-looking resulted in the construction of a time machine

No shortcuts! As soon as I began contemplating creating designs that celebrate the legends of the ancient North I knew that there could be no alternated routes or timesaving methods. There were two correlating reasons for my uncompromising attitude.


Firstly, I grew up with a father, a quite eccentric type of person, whose favorite phrase has always been “I will NOT adapt”. Last year he got his first, and only, ATM card. He had no choice since he ended up driving around for hours looking for a gas station that accepted cash, which is difficult when you are running out of gas. Also, he has no mobile phone, no computer and refers to “surfing the web” as “snorkeling”. Simply put, he refuses all change.

None of this sounds like a helpful attitude for anyone to adopt entering the entrepreneurial landscape of the 21st century. Today the most important startup buzzwords are agile, adaptable, MVPs and innovation. Nevertheless, “unbending and rigid” became my motto. Perhaps this makes me less of an entrepreneur and more of a creator but I would not have made it this far without my inflexible attitude.

But, even though stubbornness is an innate part of my personality, creating designs dedicated to legendary heroines and heroes actually leaves no room for concessions. You see, my foremothers and forefathers told these stories over one thousand years ago. It is a legacy worth honoring and cherishing. None of us would exist without our ancestors, and some of the few things still connecting us directly with them are their stories. Therefore, all legends are priceless treasures.

I view myths and legends like magical time machines. For a few moments, we can let them compel, spellbind and intrigue us and during that time we experience the same sensation and emotions as our relatives before us.

So you see since each of my designs celebrates one of these legends I could never compromise. In everything from packaging to illustrations and the skilled artisans hand-hemming every single item, there have been no concessions on quality, authenticity or faithfulness to what remains of the historical sources.

I often tell my customers that my designs are bursting with enchantments. My designs are made to inspire, encourage and empower - just as the stories they celebrate did over one thousand years ago. Therefore, I am of the opinion that there can be no concessions when creating a time machine, it is just too precious.




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