Women's Entrepreneurship Day Sweden 2018

When: 19th November at 11.30 – 23.30

Where: Clarion Hotel Sign, Stockholm

What: Inspiration and promotion of women’s entrepreneurship and leadership

Women's Entrepreneurship Day Sweden

I am very excited about being one of the speakers at this year’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Day in Sweden. This great initiative is all about promoting women’s entrepreneurship and increasing the number of women leaders and company founders. I can’t wait to be a part of this inspiring and important event!

During my segment, I will introduce a handful of legendary heroines from a thousand years ago. A large part of their success is due to their bold and limitless attitude, which is also one of the most important themes of the ancient Norse legends - to never limit yourself and what you are capable of. Through thousand-year-old rune stones, historical texts and archeological finds I will introduce numerous inspiring women with fascinating destinies: daring entrepreneurs, bold explorers, powerful leaders and goddesses with unparalleled power. I hope to see you there, prepared to be inspired by these women’s legendary successes and unyielding bravery.

Get your ticket here and I look forward to seeing you!

Until then follow @wedsweden, the amazing organizers @qvintan och @tinabergstedt on Instagram and @womensentrepreneurshipday on Facebook 


*The event will be held in Swedish

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