Reviving Legends & Celebrating Norse Heroines

The founder - the diplomat who turned designer

Åsa Trulsson Founder Soldiser

I am the Swedish entrepreneur, Norse mythology enthusiast, and designer who traveled the world and founded Soldiser with the conviction that behind every great design is an even greater story. What began as a desire to conceptualize and celebrate the forgotten Norse heroines and goddesses has developed into a unique design concept and a high-end accessory brand.

Soldiser designer silk scarf Norse mythology

Soldiser, a truly unique design concept

Soldiser’s designs are inspired by the ancient Norse legends and every petal, plant, symbol, and creature on the patterns is carefully selected to denote thousand-year-old Norse magic. The name Soldiser itself refers to the Old Norse word dísir, powerful female spirits. The dísir were thought to protect a certain territory, a specific clan or a person.   

Accessories always make a statement, but Soldiser’s silk scarves and pocket squares tell a whole story

The Soldiser design process entails deciphering thousand-year-old Viking poems and transforming them into stories and exquisite patterns on silk fabric. Each collection is accompanied by a uniquely written story, included in the gift box. The Soldiser assortment is truly something out of the ordinary, a future Scandinavian design classic.


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Soldiser Green Designer Silk Scarf

Soldiser ♥ Sustainability

Silk was a status marker and a symbol of authority already one thousand years ago. During the Viking Age silk was used as a gift to seal marriage alliances, peace treaties and negotiations. People even believed that a pattern on a silk fabric could be a magical way to manipulate the future and impact the turnout of major endeavors.

To honor this tradition, all Soldiser items are made from 100 % of the finest 14-momme silk. Silk consists of only natural fibers is completely biodegradable and has a low environmental impact. Our Italian manufacturers are recognized for their immaculate sense of detail. The hems on all our designs are hand rolled, resulting in a unique finishing edge, found only on the most luxurious and well-made pocket squares and silk scarves. 

We work exclusively with the most experienced graphic illustrators and silk producers to create sustainable and long-lasting designs in an environmentally friendly manner.

To ensure fair working conditions, the highest environmental standards and the most exceptional quality, all Soldiser designs, including the packaging, are produced in Sweden and Italy.


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