About Soldiser

The Soldiser design

At Soldiser we believe that behind every great design is an even greater story. We also believe that those stories have the potential to shape great people. That is why each item from our collection has its own unique story, dedicated to one or more of the Norse divinities; in fact, each petal, plant, symbol, and creature is carefully selected to denote Norse power.
Actually, in ancient Scandinavia, the pattern on a silk fabric could convey a mythical story, just as each Soldiser design does today. Our people even believed that woven patterns were a magical way to manipulate the future and impact the turnout of major endeavours. But we will let you be the judge of that.  


The Soldiser founding philosophy

Like most people I have always been fascinated by stories; real, imagined, personal, true or made-up. Naturally, as a child, the best part of the day was being read a story, and growing up in Sweden, my favourite tales where the Norse sagas. Yet, it is just recently I have realised that in everything from army service, university degrees and travels to career choices, it is my love for storytelling, and the next adventure, that has paved the way.                                                                                                                   The years I spent working as a diplomat in the Middle East and the Balkans enriched me, but it is through the local stories that I have received the most interesting cultural insights and made the best of friends. For not only are stories shaped by the people that tell them – people are to a large degree shaped by great stories.                                                                                                                             After several years abroad, and in search of what the next chapter of my own story would be, I returned to Sweden in 2016. As I revisited the beloved stories of my childhood through one of our greatest literary treasures – the Poetic Edda – the timelessness of the ancient Norse wisdom fascinated me. Many of the stories have been forgotten and particularly the powerful Norse goddesses have been shunned by researchers, authors, and poets for centuries. But there is something profoundly appealing about the values and ideals portrayed in the old sagas. The authentic sources and ancient scripts tell the tales of power and cunning, bravery and wit, goddesses and gods, women and men. That is why I founded Soldiser, for in the end there is no greater joy than to listen to, or share, a really great story.                                                                  
- Åsa Trulsson, founder 



The Soldiser fabric

In the high and far-off times of the ancient Byzantine Empire, the European Early Middle Ages and the Abbasid Caliphate, silk was a symbol of the divine power of the ruling elite. Historical and archaeological sources tell the tale of silk as a status marker and a symbol of strengthened authority, which was also the case in Viking Age Scandinavia. Archaeological finds and medieval Norse scripts confirm the role of silk as a strong signal of power and a token of affiliations and allegiances. Indeed, silk was considered the ultimate gift alongside gold and silver and was as such used in negotiations, peace treaties, and marriage alliances.
To honour this tradition, Soldiser works exclusively with the most experienced Italian manufacturers recognised for their immaculate sense of detail. All Soldiser items are made from 100 % of the finest 14-momme silk. The hems on all our designs are hand rolled, resulting in a unique finishing edge, found only on the most luxurious and well-made pocket squares and silk scarves.