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Are you curious about the thousand-year-old Norse legends and their wisdom? I would love to tell you all about it!

I give lectures on topics such as leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation, using the Norse mythology and the Viking era as a point of departure. I will disclose how equality, generosity, and teamwork were important notions one thousand years ago and how your organization can benefit from this ancient wisdom today.

By presenting the legendary Viking era in a new light, far from dusty Hollywood stereotypes and distortions, my presentations will contribute to several fascinating insights. Did you know that during the Viking Age the main characteristic of a chieftain was generosity or that there was an abundance of powerful goddesses who were worshipped in their own right?

Together we will explore essential lessons gathered from rune stones, sagas, and Viking Age poems and I promise; the thousand-year-old wisdom from the Norse legends will provide you with new and exciting perspectives on modern-day challenges!