The Soldiser Gefjun & Gylfi Story

Soldiser Norse Goddess Gefjun

Long before the world became as it is today, there was a King named Gylfi. The King presided over a vast territory and truly loved his land. He had created a powerful army consisting only of the bravest and strongest of women and men so that he could sleep peacefully.

But King Gylfi, so assured of the strength of his army, failed to see that the worthiest opponent he would ever meet looked nothing like he could expect. Her name was Gefjun. She came from the East, in a carriage drawn by four magnificent oxen. With her dark eyes and black hair, it was claimed that she was a sorceress. King Gylfi was not immune to her exotic mystique and offered her half his fortune if only she would stay. To the King’s surprise, Gefjun refused. She was not a trophy to be bought and displayed.

The King, so accustomed to endless admiration, was outraged. Surely there must be something amongst his riches that would please this mysterious woman. He approached Gefjun again, offering her as much land as she could plough in one day and one night. She accepted and set off with her oxen. Satisfied, the King retired to his longhouse.

When he awoke, Gefjun could not be seen anywhere. By the time the King had gathered his army, Gefjun and her oxen had already dragged the landmass so far away that there was now an ocean between them. All the astonished King could do was to watch, as he lost both the woman he desired and parts of his precious land.

Gefjun lived to an old age on her own land, happy and free and the King cursed the day he had tried to bribe her away from her independence. Therefore, in this time before remembrance, it was known that true affection can never be purchased and that it is always up to you to create your own promised land.


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Soldiser Norse Legend Gefjun

Great stories shape great people

The Gefjun & Gylfi story focuses on the goddess Gefjun, associated with foresight and prosperity. Her name means ‘the giving one’ and her story makes your Soldiser design the perfect reminder to always be the driving force behind your own destiny.

Behind every great design is an even greater story

The story behind the Gefjun & Gylfi collection is based on a legend with thousand-year-old roots. The goddess herself is mentioned in older sources but, in the year 1220, the Icelandic scholar Snorri Sturluson chose this legend as the first tale of the Prose Edda. In his version of the saga, the indentation from Gefjun’s ploughing resulted in Lake Malar, on the Swedish east coast, and the land mass became the Danish island of Zealand, upon which the city of Copenhagen is located today. According to Snorri, Gefjun came "from the East" and finally settled down in Lejre, Denmark, where you may also find the stone setting from the Viking Age depicted in the design.

Designed with an abundance of enchantments

In ancient Scandinavia, the patterns on fabric often carried a symbolic meaning or told a story, just as each Soldiser design does today. Indeed the Scandinavian people even believed that woven patterns were a magical way to manipulate the future and impact the turnout of major endeavours. That is why each design is bursting with elements of symbolic significance. For example, the rune word in this design is transcribed to æfna - meaning to execute and implement in Old Norse. Apart from the many goddesses and gods, the old sagas also tell tales of plants and animals with supernatural powers, as well as women and men receiving guidance and protection from deities showing themselves in animal shape. For this reason, your Soldiser design includes several plant and animals, most of which are listed as endangered in Scandinavia, such as the centipede Geophilus carpophagus, the rare fern Polystichum braunii and the rose Rosa agrestis.


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